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Celebration: Camp Cuddles

By Allene Anliker
Portland, Oregon

My daughter and I had had a long, hard year through 2006 and 2007. We saw my father through a health crisis that included worsening Dementia. He spent the final portion of his life in a residential care facility. Several times a week, Katie and I would make the trek to see him. It was very hard on her for many reasons, not the least of which, the sadness and loss she saw me going through. It was hard to be present for her while taking care of my fatherís needs, work, and the tasks of daily life.

After he died, she was lucky enough to be accepted at a special camp for children who have lost a family member, Camp Erin. Katie was so excited about the experience. As I was checking out her cabin, I noticed that on each childís bunk a stuffed animal and quilt made by a volunteer had been placed there. Each quilt was different. Katieís quilt was blue and had cats all over it, which was perfect as we love cats and have two of them at home.

This brought tears to my eyes. I thought about the kindness of a stranger we didnít know who had labored with love over this gift that would bring her warmth and comfort. Among the memories we will both treasure of that summer and her time at camp, this quilt will always be a reminder of Love that never leaves us no matter the loss.

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