Recommended Enrichment Reading: Tasha Tudorís Heirloom Crafts: By Tovah Martin. The world of Tasha Tudor is salve for the modern day need for soulfulness. Escape into the beautifully rich pages of doable and delightful heirloom craftwork. I love the miniature section of this book!



Recommended Quilting Project: Watching Over You. Watching Over You by McKenna Ryan. What can be more sweet than snuggling up with this little bear to watch the sunset. Measuring 28 1/4 x 32.

Celebration: Angel Dresses

By Carole Taylor
Lake Tahoe, California

African GirlMy nieces are now 23 and 25 yrs old. When they were little girls I loved to sew dresses for them. I made dresses for every occasion, Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Spring, Valentines Day, First day of school dresses were their favorite. I also would make them a summer outfit. They use to love to see the material I bought and ask what I would be making them. Then while I was sewing it together I would hear: "When will it be done Auntie?"

I use to love when I would have them try the dresses on and I would have to check the hem and I could tickle their legs and they would giggle. They wouldn't stand still after that because they thought I was going to tickle them again. It was fun.

African girlAs they grew up I got requests for no more ties in the back of the dresses and then the teenage years came and they no longer wanted to wear dresses. I packed away all the dresses, all 35 or so of them (I made my sister save all the dresses once they outgrew them, they weren't allowed in garage sales!)

Over the years my nieces asked what I was going to do with the dresses and I told them I was waiting for them to have daughters. They suggested I make a quilt out of them. I couldn't get myself to do that.

Last summer my younger niece had a chance to go to Africa and do some Missionary work. I asked her what she thought of taking the dresses over there and giving them to the little girls. She loved the idea. So both my nieces and I got together and reminisced about the dresses. We laid them all out and talked about each one and I got to hear their memories of the dresses. It was very special for me. Then we said good-bye to the dresses and my niece took them with her to Africa. The little girls that received the dress were in heaven. They were so happy.

African girls
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