Recommended Enrichment Reading: Circle of Grace, by Gregory and Suzanne M. Wolfe, offers a resource of ideas on praying with and for your children while empowering the parent with a practical "How to" guide. The Wolfe's pull their ideas and material from many religious faiths and offer over 400 compelling prayers for your spiritual exploration.



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Celebration: Family Blessings

By Mary Jo Saavedra

As I looked up into the eyes of the man I love and said "I do", it was impossible to know all the great adventures the two of us would share in our lifetime. As we exchanged our vows of love and respect, we could not foresee the struggles and hardships we would survive together. Before the priest announced us man and wife, he leaned over and signed a cross on each of our foreheads then gently whispered that we should sign the cross on each other's forehead and do so every night for the rest of our lives. Then he pronounced us man and wife and sent us on our way.

What a wise and wonderful gift Ft. Luis gave us that day! We have been married for more than 18 years and every night we wordlessly bless each other before we go to sleep. After the birth of our daughter, we included her in this ritual too. So now we all say our goodnights with this powerful blessing. The gift is the comfort and love given in this simple gesture. The healing effect on those days when hard feelings overtake our good ones is priceless. It is wonderful to have a way to leave the day in love when words just won't come or when encouragement and validation are needed and then confirmed in this familiar sign.

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