Recommended Enrichment Reading: Grand-Loving, by Sue Johnson and Julie Carlson, has over 200 inexpensive, fun ideas to share with your grandchildren. Wether you are a long distance grandparent or right next door, there is something fun for everyone.



Recommended Quilting Project: Grandma's Pillowcase, Rachel Greco sews it all up for your little darling with a fast and simple full and queen size pillowcase pattern. Use themed fabric for specials days and celbrations for a fun twist!


Celebration: Grandma's Pillowcase Caper

By Joanne Lewis

When my grandsons Antonio and Alessandro graduated from cribs into big boy beds I made each one a special quilt. This was no small feat as I was a new quilter and wanted these quilts to be perfect. After finishing the quilts it was wonderful to see them each wrapped up in them when they went to bed. I wanted to keep this feeling of being with them when they were at their most precious, sleeping.

So, I came up with the pillowcase caper. First, I made them each a pillowcase with their names on them. My daughter just loved them. Then as the boys got older we went to pillowcases with themes like waiting for Santa or the Easter bunny is coming, and so on. Now they pick out their own fabric for their pillowcases, which at times can be very interesting. Designing these pillowcases gives us time to spend together and believe it or not they are learning about fabric and color.

At the end of everyday as they lay their heads down to sleep, they kiss their pillows and tell Nana…goodnight

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